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The task this weekend was simple... find a Chaise Lounge for a new themed set, and a new computer chair. The end result? A new living room set, and two computer chairs after much careful sitting. The next task? Getting things home dry. Moderate success there with a large tarp. The west coast just loves to make shopping an experience. Here is hoping that sectional will work as we hope on our set, and that we can transport THAT dry as well.  The chairs at least have been everything we wanted and more, the better to spend hours in front of our screens editing photos.  

I am excited to finally have the spring season started and we can once again move forward with our planned projects that came to a screeching halt last year when the weather turned. 


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Hair, Wardrobe, Lights, Camera, Location... and Failure to Launch You know how you can plan and plan and yet still somehow everything just falls apart? That's pretty much a given in our job. What was to be a fun styled photo session with my own children turned into a total failure to launch... and what can be done for it? Not much... you go with it. 

Meara and Cailin Sept 6 2017-2.jpgMeara and Cailin Sept 6 2017-2.jpg Here is a image captured when my youngest, in spite of being super excited to do her hair, change into the pretty dress wear the fancy shoes and even a little bit of make-up just for photos changed her mind upon reaching the location and decided she no longer felt like co-operating.

Naturally, just like any parent who has gone through the extremely tedious part of getting her ready, I was feeling the frustration when she suddenly changed moods and pulled out her most pouty I'm-Not-Going-To-Cooperate-With-You attitude. I took a deep breath and let the inner photographer take hold. This shot wasn't at all what I had envisioned, but it turned out in spite of that. Sometimes the things you get when you stop planning and just go with with the flow end up much better than what you originally had in mind. 

The real challenge to taking children's photos isn't lighting, focus, exposure, pose or any other technical photographic issue... it's dealing with your tiny subject's moods.  One of the most common challenges parents face when it's "picture day" is that the children are usually choosing that time to be tired, hungry, or just moody and they begin to feel frustrated and embarrassed... so my message today is - Don't sweat it! Relax. Laugh it off. Kids will be kids. 

Meara and Cailin Sept 6 2017-6930-3781.jpgMeara and Cailin Sept 6 2017-6930-3781.jpg  

As photographers we are very used to this situation and in most cases we can get things turned around with jokes, or just being goofy enough to distract, it's all just part of the job... in this case it took giving her a bit of time to just do her own thing, a terrible knock-knock joke and a bit of shameless bribery... but I got the smile and that's what counts! ~ Brandi 

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Celebrating some new! It's official... we're back online with a real website! Ok, so we're still ironing out some kinks here and there and building some content for the shiny new site, but we're online and that's exciting!

Also exciting for me - working together on some extremely fun wedding sessions this summer, who doesn't love working with adorable subjects like this little charmer 

Also in the works is our first collaborative styled shoot(s) - all I'm going to say at this point is it will involve some amazing local models and classic cars, and it's going to be awesome! ~ Brandi

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